About us


In 2011, after returning from a perfectly magical honeymoon in Africa, Suzette wanted to be reminded of the breathtaking beauty and the wildlife of Africa every day.  After searching for a luxury brand that immortalized the beauty of Africa, she could not find one that met her standards or matched the look she wanted.  Suzette was inspired to start a brand that could do that. Meld luxury with the wild of Africa for those who loved being unique and who love to live life out loud.

Born of the passion to inspire a life of adventure and authenticity, Norton and Hodges is a brand that embodies this lifestyle.  Much of our inspiration comes from across Africa but is mixed with our aesthetic which is influenced by our life in the South and our love of the outdoors.  Finely crafted from responsibly sourced materials, each piece in our collection tells the story of journeys through the wild places of Africa and beyond.  We want each piece to make our clients feel a sense of individuality, pride in knowing that each one has a unique story and to evoke their unquenchable sense of adventure every day.

Norton + Hodges is about being wanderlust and explorers- whatever that might mean to the individual.  Every piece we design has a story and reminds us of our wanderings and the places we have yet to visit.  With every exquisite, one-of-a-kind handbag and unique accessory we design and produce, we hope to inspire our clients to live boldly and feel beautiful.  To take on the next grand adventure and live their authentic life.