Norton + Hodges is a Charleston-based company specializing in couture accessories.  Founder, Suzette Bussey, came to Charleston, South Carolina for college and never left. She met her husband, Ben, there. They discovered a shared love for Africa on their honeymoon. Suzette was inspired to create a line of one-of-a-kind couture accessories that married the style and spirit of the South with the majestic wilds of Africa. From handbags and jewelry to her newest line of fur collars and torques, each piece in the Norton + Hodges collection is designed to inspire our clients to live boldly and feel beautiful.

In 2018, Norton + Hodges will launch its new line of luxurious fur collars with feather trim. Each collar is handcrafted so no two are the same. The hides are ethically sourced from family farms in Texas and are proudly manufactured by a team of artisans in Savannah, Georgia. The collars celebrate the natural beauty of the South by creating wearable pieces of art that makes every woman feel special.

Norton & Hodges supports ethical sourcing of all its resources. Our hides are sourced from small farms in Texas, South Africa and Namibia that are committed to conservation. Our products are made by artisans in the Southeast United States and continental Africa.