Conservation + Sustainability

Norton + Hodges Impact


Norton + Hodges supports responsible utilization of natural resources as the best form of conservation. Hence, all of our African game skins are sourced from small, family game farms in Namibia who are committed to conserving the native species of flora and fauna in their beautiful country. We only use hides as they are harvested by the farms for food or herd management needs and we never place orders for hides.

Namibia, even as a still new democracy, is leading the fight for responsible management and utilization of natural resources. We are proud to source our skins from a country that recognizes that its natural land and animals are precious and is committed to ensuring their existence for future generations.

With corporate giving we support organizations that promote and actively partake in responsible management and conservation of the native resources of Namibia – ensuring the animals, the land and humans can thrive together.

Additionally, Norton + Hodges only sources skins with a rating of LC (Least Concern) by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Norton + Hodges Impact


It’s also about telling the stories of our artisans whether in Africa or the Southern United States.  We love to share the tales of the positive impact we can make by working with the talented makers and designers that we meet. We get to know each of them and have met them personally. The very first designer  we brought on was Suzette’s sister, Audrey. She is a talented, fashion-forward designer who added to the line with some of our top selling designs like the Windhoek Tote and Caprivi Clutch.

The list of the artisans in South Carolina, Georgia, Namibia, South Africa and West Africa is ever growing.  We believe in not only focusing on sustainable use but we want to help our artisans to make a living doing their craft. We want them to live their culture and not feel pressured to change in order to feed their families and work.