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Seychelles Bib

Coachella meets fashion in this sensational Resort 2020 necklace designed to be worn over a shirt or bare for those more daring. Cowry shells were used over 3,000 years ago as Chinese currency and were formerly used as means of exchange in India. Available in 2 sizes: 9.25” wide (at chest) x 14” long 11” wide x 15.5 long Custom orders available

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Safari Four Knot Bracelet in Gold 14 KY

Our Safari Four Knot bracelets are our homage to the traditional elephant hair bracelets from Southern Africa.  These adjustable bracelets have 5 strands of 14 karat gold-filled wire and four knots with a Norton + Hodges plus sign.   Choose between a silver or gold plus sign.  Each handcrafted with love in the United States. The bracelet itself has four knots and lines running through all of them. The knots are symbols of the power of nature in sun, fire, wind and water.  The lines running between and connecting the knots remind us of the continuous circle of life and how there are threads that connect us all to each other and to nature.  We added the “plus” sign from the Norton and Hodges logo to remind us that we should always look to “add unto” and not only take.  Add to the love around you. Add to the beauty around


Milan Rhino Range Pendant

The very nature of jewelry commands a pendant to rest just above your heart space. We like to think that is where the spirit of Milan resides too. Whether you choose the standard or larger version of this pendant, we are confident you will connect with the outsized wonderment that is Milan.

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