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Wild Harvested Kalahari Silk Scarves – Large


Hand woven and naturally dyed from wild-harvested kalahari silk.

“Dear friend, this scarf empowers women in my village to share their talents and earn their own money to care for their families. Thank you.”

– Veronica in Namibia, Africa


While Kalahari silk is one of the most sustainable products from Namibia. It is environmentally sustainable, has a positive impact on the female artisans who make them by hand

The silk cocoons are hand-picked from small family farms and community lands.  The female artisans then wash and boil them and begin the process of spinning the silk into yarn.  From there, it is dyed using natural products including beets, onions, turmeric, pressed flowers and berries yielding the most beautiful hues.

Because the silk is hand woven and hand dyed, each scarf has it’s own unique variations, making its own piece of art.