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Wild Harvested Kalahari Silk Scarves – Small


Hand woven and naturally dyed from wild-harvested kalahari silk.

These are handmade in Namibia and provide the only economic opportunity for women in the village they are made.

“Dear friend, this scarf empowers women in my village to share their talents and earn their own money to care for their families. Thank you.”

– Veronica in Namibia, Africa


Made from the leftover cocoon of a caterpillar in Southeastern Namibia, these scarves are incredibly sustainable and all natural. If the cocoon is left on the bush, certain animals are at risk as they can get rumen poisoning from eating it.

Ten women are currently being employed to transform these cocoons into beautiful pieces of wearable art. They wash the cocoons by boiling them until it’s a soft mass of silk. It is dried and then the process of being spun into wild yarn using a foot pedal-powered spinning wheel begins. The coloring of the scarves are from natural dyes that the women produce by hand. They are their left-over beet peels, onions, turmeric, vinegar, pressed flowers and berries to make an assortment of incredible colors for the yarn.


Every purchased of a scarf goes directly to employing a woman weaving in Namibia. Allowing her to express her craft and earn a living. We thank you for supporting our initiative!