Norton and Hodges- Who We Are Now

Norton and Hodges- Who We Are Now

You’re Invited

From the beginning, Norton + Hodges was created to be a socially-conscious luxury brand focused on beautiful classic designs. We believe in creating employment opportunities and economic independence for women. We believe in conservation and sustainable fashion based on traceability and zero waste. All of our accessories are designed to empower the wearer to feel beautiful and live boldly.

Confident in our foundation, we aim to grow this community of like-minded individuals, those who seek a deeper connection to place, to one another, and to that with which they fill their lives. It is in this space where we will share our stories of risk and redemption, passion and purpose. We’ll save seats at the table for the curious and the interesting, the trailblazers and the wanderers. 

Your invitation awaits. Join us, won’t you?

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