Our Values

Sustainable Sourcing + Traceability

From Field to Fashion. Thoughtfully curated materials that are traceable throughout all the steps of production and lifecycle of the design. We aim to work in harmony with nature.

We are working towards 100% traceability on all of our materials by 2024.

Empowering Women through Economic Independence

Seeking out and working with women-owned businesses or female artisans businesses is the fastest way to change the world. Giving women the ability to earn and control their money creates positive generational change. Our supply chain is 80% women-owned, female-led businesses or female artisans

Zero Waste Program

Our materials are precious. We believe in having zero waste.

We use the byproducts of feeding people, vintage furs and coats and other fashion companies' scraps. We challange ourselves to design products around any offcuts or scraps to make beautiful, bold accessories that our clients are proud to wear.


Through our work with farmers, makers, ranchers, growers we select materials and economically support those that create them with regenerative aor permaculture practices thereby supporting conservation of habitat. Preservation of habitat is the single biggest factor in fighting climate change.

We work with makers who are preserving generational knowledge so we are supporting conservation of cultures.

Re-connecting to Nature

Our modern world is not conducive to being in touch with the natural world or its rhythms. Humans make better decisions about their environmental impack once they are reconnected with nature. Being in nature is healing to the soul and when people understand and value the wild spaces, they will help protect them.

Our Mission

The mission behind Norton and Hodges is to create a company that redefines conscious luxury and responsible sourcing. We want to use our products, and their stories, to connect people back to nature, empower women both by being seen in our bold designs and through economic independence and to support conservation efforts that help people, land and animals thrive.

Groups We Support

  • American Heart Association
  • The Center for Birds of Prey
  • Bee Cause Project
  • The Bee Cause
  • Charleston Safari Club
  • Dallas Safari Club Foundation
  • Dallas Safari Club - Wyoming
  • Lowcountry Land Trust
  • MUSC Hollings Cancer Center
  • MUSC
  • SCI First for Hunters
  • West Texas SCI
  • Wildlife Conservation Alliance