Norton and Hodges and The Bee Cause Project

Seeing Your Donations at Work- The Bee Cause Project

Did you know that the average worker bee only produces about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime? In contrast, with nature’s perfect demonstration of teamwork, an entire hive of bees can produce 20-60 pounds of honey each year. That’s incredible! These tiny, yet often feared, creatures are an integral part of Earth’s ecosystem spending their entire lives pollinating flowers and producing honey. Without these vital contributions, the human diet would suffer tremendously. The variety of foods available would diminish, and the cost of certain products would surge. Education about the invaluable contributions of these precious pollinators is key to their survival. That’s where The Bee Cause Project comes in to save the day!

In collaboration with sponsors, educators, and community members, this Low Country based organization has provided Bee Grants to over 500 schools and organizations impacting hundreds of children (and adults) across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The Bee Cause Project has grown well beyond the hive. They teach collaboration, inspire curiosity, and foster STEM skills through discovery-based learning in schools. Co-founders, Ted Dennard, a life-long beekeeper and the founder of The Savannah Bee Company, and Tami Enright, a fellow beekeeper and environmental educator, have dedicated their lives to protecting pollinators.  

Suzette Bussey, founder of Norton and Hodges, was pleased to contribute to “The Cause” by hosting a sold out and highly anticipated Ladies Luncheon at Union Station in conjunction with the 2023 Southeastern Wildlife Expedition (SEWE) held annually in Charleston, SC.  A wonderful time was had by all and with giving hearts the ladies raised well over $10,000 to support The Bee Cause Project.

LaRon Perry and The Bee Cause Project reading about bees to a young student.

CCSD educator and Norton and Hodges newest associate, LaRon Perry, was thrilled to “bee” a liaison to connect her school, North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary, with this amazing organization. Thanks to generous donations this school’s library received a wide variety of educational materials, books, lesson plans, an interactive bee box and much more focusing on pollinators and their important role in nature.  Mrs. Perry stated, “Education is key! Raising up generations of students that understand the impact of pollinators is a step in the right direction. Students must learn to care for our environment and how to protect its valuable and irreplaceable natural resources…including the tiniest of creatures that impact our world in a HUGE way.”

Words of thanks and appreciation go to all those that attended the 2023 Birds of a Feather Ladies Luncheon. Here’s proof that your generous donations are making a positive difference, not only in our local schools, but also for the bees that contribute to the balance of nature in the most incredible ways.

Not able to attend the Ladies Luncheon? You can still donate to this worthy cause by contacting

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