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Ebony Bracelet

Hand-carved ebony and boar tusk statement bracelet from West Africa.  One of our classics and best sellers. Available plain, adorned with silver or gold.   Measurement around wrist: Small up to 6.2 inches Medium 6.3-6.9 inches Large 6.9 - 7.6 inches Extra Large 7.9 inches          


Marche’ Twisted Leather Collar

Handmade by female artisans in West Africa, the Marche' necklace is made of twisted goat leather with a simple loop closure and classic West African brass bead.  Light on the neck, a fabulous statement piece.


Signature Cuff with Fired Brass Snaps

Designed in Charleston, South Carolina and benchcrafted in Savannah, Georgia, these one-of-a-kind exotic skin cuff bracelets are backed with soft suede and feature our custom fired brass snaps.  


Upcycled Himba Fish Cuff

This unique sustainable bracelet is hand-carved from upcycled PVC water pipes featuring unique designs we created with Himba artisans. The Himba women of Namibia traditionally carved these bracelets out of cow horn.  They now use broken water pipes that are otherwise unusable, and because they are waterproof, they’re the ideal summer accessory.

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D-Ring Belt

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D-Ring Belt

Our banded belt in leather with D-ring fastener is a great way to keep animal prints going all year.  Available in three leathers and three sizes.


Lagos Statement Necklace

Inspired by a trip to Lagos where we felt an elegance and unpredictable spirit in the air, we decided to design a versatile necklace that could be worn in different ways.  Made from tusk and wood with custom soft suede, this necklace can be worn long, short or wrapped around the neck choker-style. Handmade in West Africa and Assembled in the USA.


Live Adventure Upcycled Himba Bracelet

Live Adventure is at the core of Norton and Hodges.  This upcycled PVC bracelet is custom made by artisans in Namibia and is a reminder to find and live adventure every day.    

Be Bold Upcylced Himba Bracelet

Norton and Hodges is proud to partner with Hollings Cancer Center on the fundraising initiative for two new mobile health units focused on reaching underserved populations in the state of South Carolina.  100% of the proceeds go to funding the mobile health program. Eliza Limehouse, from Bravo's Southern Charm, has joined with us to bring attention to this worthy cause. One of the core tenets of Norton and Hodges is to Be Bold - be bold in the choices you make, be courageous in the way you live your life, believe in yourself.  The Be Bold bracelets are crafted from upcycled PVC by Himba women in Namibia, providing a source of revenue and economic independence to the women who make them.         

Bone and Leather Necklace

Inspired by the time we spent in Ghana and Togo, this necklace features twisted leather, an ornamental bone medallion and a brass trade bead accent. Handmade in West Africa.


Sylvie Crocodile Pendant

Crocodile pendant adorned with tourmaline and peridot stones set in gold with a tanzanite studded solid gold tongue and peridot eyes.  One part art, one part jewelry, each piece in this limited edition is signed and numbered.  Designed and hand-crafted in Charleston, South Carolina.


Sheba Brass Cuff

The Queen of Sheba, circa 10th Century B.C., is a somewhat nebulous woman who figures prominently in Judaic, Islamic and Ethiopian traditions.  Her legendary voyage to meet King Solomon of Israel inspired centuries of speculation about her kingdom and influence throughout the ancient realm. Our Sheba bracelet pays homage to the great queen along with the beauty and strength of women.  Made of solid brass in Ghana, West Africa, the bracelet is designed by and available exclusively at Norton and Hodges. 3.25" wide 1" across at widest part

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Braided Rams Horn Bracelet

The Braided Rams Horn bracelet is hand-cast in Ghana, West Africa, and made of solid brass.  Can be worn dangling on the wrist or further up as an arm cuff.   3.75" diameter  

Seychelles Bib

Coachella meets fashion in this sensational Resort 2020 necklace designed to be worn over a shirt or bare for those more daring. Cowry shells were used over 3,000 years ago as Chinese currency and were formerly used as means of exchange in India. Available in 2 sizes: 9.25” wide (at chest) x 14” long 11” wide x 15.5 long Custom orders available

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Grotto Eternity Cuff

The Grotto Eternity Cuff is hand cast in West Africa and made of solid brass featuring circles, the symbol of eternity, with shell motifs.  Pure arm candy. 3.25" x 1.75"

Lattice Bracelet

The Lattice Bracelet is lightweight with an airy feel, made of brass and hand cast in West Africa. 3" x 1"


Eternity Cuff

More diminutive than the Grotto Eternity Cuff, the Eternity Cuff features circles, the symbol of eternity.  Hand cast in Ghana, made of brass


Angela Wood Bracelet

The Angela Wood bracelet is a distinctive hexagon shaped bracelet made of hand-carved wood and bone inlay.  It is the ideal light wrist candy for summer fun and to add to any stack.  One size fits most.  Made in Ghana.


Safari Four Knot Bracelet in Silver

Our Safari Four Knot bracelets are our homage to the traditional elephant hair bracelets from Southern Africa.  These adjustable bracelets have 5 strands of silver wire and four knots with a Norton + Hodges plus sign.   Choose between a silver or gold plus sign.  Each handcrafted with love in the United States. The bracelet itself has four knots and lines running through all of them. The knots are symbols of the power of nature in sun, fire, wind and water.  The lines running between and connecting the knots remind us of the continuous circle of life and how there are threads that connect us all to each other and to nature.  We added the “plus” sign from the Norton and Hodges logo to remind us that we should always look to “add unto” and not only take.  Add to the love around you. Add to the beauty around you. Add


Wave Upcycled Himba Bracelet

This upcycled PVC bracelet is custom-made by artisans in Namibia and is a popular design to stack with other bracelets.  Gray and white.  One size fits most.    


Milan Rhino Range Post Earrings

Some women strike a power pose before entering the boardroom. Others recite a mantra for insight and resilience. Still others don a pair of these Norton & Hodges earrings from our Milan line. The warm strength of Milan’s spirit will become your inner voice of quiet confidence. Sterling Silver. Nickle free-backs included.


Milan Rhino Range Pendant

The very nature of jewelry commands a pendant to rest just above your heart space. We like to think that is where the spirit of Milan resides too. Whether you choose the standard or larger version of this pendant, we are confident you will connect with the outsized wonderment that is Milan.


Milan Rhino Range Tag Necklace

The very nature of jewelry commands a pendant to rest just above your heart space. We like to think that is where the spirit of Milan resides too. Whether you choose the standard or larger version of this pendant, we are confident you will connect with the outsized wonderment that is Milan. Sterling Silver.


Milan Rhino Range Paperweight

Whether perched on your desk or nestled into a special corner of a bookshelf, this custom paperweight from our Milan line is destined to cue affection – for a place, a spirit, a moment in time, a legacy. While the connection may be one we share, the story you assign to this feeling is all yours. Cast from a piece of carved bone from Namibia and cast in 100% sterling silver.


Artemis Necklace

The Artemis necklace should be worn like warrior's armor; to remind you of your strength and power. Created with boar tusks and a traditional carved bone pendant, this necklace is a show stopping piece of wearable art.  Accented with high quality silver, each necklace is one-of-a-kind.

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