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5 Petal Brass Medallion and Necklace

5 Petal Brass Medallion and Necklace

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We believe in celebrating the artistry of the world, and our 5 Petal Brass Necklace, lovingly handmade in Ghana, is a testament to that commitment. This exquisite piece pays homage to the rich heritage of African craftsmanship, capturing the essence of natural beauty through its stunning okra flower design. 

Crafted by Artisans in Ghana: Our 5 Petal Brass Necklace is a tribute to the skilled artisans of Ghana who pour their hearts and talents into every piece they create. Handcrafted with precision, this necklace embodies the soul of African craftsmanship and tells a story of tradition and creativity.

A Flower of Distinction: The centerpiece of this necklace features five delicate petals that reminds us of the okra flower blooms captured in brass. 

Elegance Beyond Compare:  The Norton and Hodges 5 Petal Brass Necklace effortlessly holds its own. Its timeless design and the warm glow of brass make it a statement piece suitable for any occasion, from casual gatherings to formal events.

Celebrate the spirit of Africa's craftsmanship with the Norton and Hodges 5 Petal Brass Necklace. Each piece is a masterpiece that transcends trends and rivals the finest in the industry, embodying the beauty of tradition and the elegance of the contemporary. Elevate your style with Norton and Hodges today.

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