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Far Post Necklace

Far Post Necklace

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Handcrafted with traditional techniques in West Africa, this necklace features all-leather construction and a cow horn detail.  Add a pop of color under a white shirt or pairs very well with a summer dress.  It's perfect for any art, literature, or fashion lover.

Named after the furthest point on the farm in Namibia, where it takes us 45 minutes one way.  Inspired by this connection to nature, we envisioned a soft leather necklace that would embody the essence of our surroundings and accent the wonderful traditional twisted goat leather that comes from West Africa.  
Our verdant leather necklace with a black cow horn circle will effortlessly complement any linen ensemble this spring/summer. The detachable black horn pendant allows for personalized styling—whether you choose to adorn it with your favorite pendant or embrace its simplicity on its own.
A timeless treasure that transcends boundaries, just like the landscapes that inspire it.

Twisted Leather and Horn necklace. Horn and bone pieces made on the farm in Namibia added to twisted goat leather necklace sourced from West Africa. 

One size fits all. Due to the nature of how they are made and the natural materials, each necklace will have it's own unique characteristics.

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