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Far Post Necklace in Barbie Pink

Far Post Necklace in Barbie Pink

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Twisted Leather and Horn necklace. This leather necklace adds a pretty pop of color to any outfit. A must-have for any fashion-forward individual.

Named after the furthest point on the farm in Namibia, where it takes us 45 minutes one way.  Inspired by this connection to nature, I envisioned a soft leather necklace that would embody the essence of our surroundings and accent the wonderful traditional twisted goat leather that comes from West Africa.  
Our bright leather necklace with a cow horn circle will effortlessly complement any fun dress or linen ensemble this spring/summer. The detachable black horn pendant allows for personalized styling—whether you choose to adorn it with your favorite pendant or embrace its simplicity on its own.
A timeless treasure that transcends boundaries, just like the landscapes that inspire it.


One size fits most.

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