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Heritage Collection Vintage Mink Collar with Ostrich Feathers

Heritage Collection Vintage Mink Collar with Ostrich Feathers

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The Heritage Mink Collar Collection

Equal parts nostalgia, social consciousness and luxury fashion, the Norton & Hodges Heritage Mink Collar perfect encapsulates the ethos of our brand:
Norton and Hodges was created to be a socially conscious luxury brand focused on beautiful, classic designs. We believe in creating employment opportunities and economic independence for women. We believe in conservation and sustainable fashion based on traceability and zero waste. All of our accessories are designed to empower you to feel beautiful and live boldly.

I can still recall the emotions I felt, inheriting my grandmother’s beloved mink coat. Replete with her scent and all the attendant memories of past parties and galas, I treasured this gift. But her beloved coat sat in my closet for more than a year before I had a formal winter affair to wear it. Even with memories of Grammy draped across my shoulders like a familiar hug, that coat felt more her than me. I wanted
something I could easily don to both a formal occasion and a fun gathering around the fire after a day in the field. The coat deserved to be reimagined into a new kind of statement piece.

Taking inspiration from our successful Damara Collar collection, Betty An’s coat has been reborn as multiple Heritage Mink Collars, as just one example of how we practice our passion. We’ve added sustainably-sourced ostrich feathers to update the look of this redesigned classic that honors all of the stylish women who came before us.

Vintage mink fur lined in black duchess silk with a Swarovski crystal button.  Minor variations in the fur color and texture are part of this collar’s natural beauty and authenticity.  Recommend a professional fur specialist for care and cleaning, if needed.

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