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The "L" Travel Bag in Classic Style

The "L" Travel Bag in Classic Style

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The perfect travel companion offering storage space for the essentials and a comfortable, ergonomic design. Make a bold fashion statement that transcends continents with this exquisite accessory.  Designed to be the best bag for traveling.  Hands-free and comfortable. Fits keys, phone, ear pods, lipstick, wallet to your passport, all safely next to you.  Wear it over or under a jacket or sweater, this soft leather bag will be your grab and go adventure bag!  Or wear it low, slung in the back every day as you walk around town and shop. Adjustable strap and keeps your valuables close to you and safe.

Your choice of the Classic, Nguni, Black, Black with a Zebra Pocket, Tan with Springbok Pocket, or all Zebra. 



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